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Lic # 1728333


Sterling Investigative Services, LLC is a veteran-owned business that is licensed, bonded & insured! A private investigator who is professional, ethical & provides confidential investigations for each client. As well as ensuring effective communication for every client during the entire investigative process.

I am a licensed private investigator who is very passionate about investigations, criminal justice, and law enforcement. 

With 21 years of law enforcement, while serving as a Military Police Officer in the United States Army.

I worked with the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command [CID] Drug Suppression Team [DST]. Performing tasks such as conducting surveillance, collecting evidence and interviewing (suspects, witnesses or victims.)

During my last military assignment, I was a First Sergeant for a Military Police company. I supervised many sections including Military Police Investigations (MPI), Special Reaction Team (SRT), Physical Security, K9, Road Patrols & Dispatchers. I routinely worked with law enforcement agencies on the local, state, federal levels as well as performing law enforcement duties in different counties such as Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Korea. 

I am very passionate about law enforcement, criminal justice, and investigations. I earned a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice, a Private Investigations Certificate, and have also taught Criminal Justice at a community college for two years (2016-2018). I  mentored many students’ who now work in different law enforcement careers throughout the Phoenix valley. I bring a high degree of professionalism, personal standards, and an outstanding work ethic. I will assist you in all of your investigative needs. I look forward to becoming your private investigator.


There are many reasons why a person or business may need to hire a private investigator. People have often described me as a professional, honest, trustworthy, ethical and effective communicator. These are just some of the traits that you can expect when you hire me as your private investigator. I understand that it is not about me, it’s about you and how can I assist you? I want to ensure your investigative needs are met.

Some examples may include, conducting surveillance regarding infidelity or fraudulent workers’ compensation claims. Also, performing background checks, and conducting interviews for insurance companies. I am very passionate about conducting investigations.

My passion and experience in law enforcement and criminal justice is the main reason why I decided to start Sterling Investigation Services, LLC. Upon completion of my military service, I still wanted to get back into investigations and help people. Even as a kid I have always helped people and this still holds true today. These are some of the reasons why you should hire me as your private investigator.


Here are a few examples of why someone may choose to hire a Private Investigator. 

  • Conducting background searches. Private Investigators often perform background checks for law firms, individuals, and insurance companies, etc. Private Investigators can also verify reference checks, conduct interviews, and search public records. 
  • Private investigators locate people for a variety of reasons: such as a distant relative, military friend, adoptees, birth parents, or want to check the background of a new boy or girlfriend. 
  • Insurance companies may use a PI to investigate insurance fraud such as a workers’ compensation claim. An example of this may include observing the worker see if he/she is violating their medical restrictions. An example may be, a person with a bad back, but lifting heavy bags of groceries and carrying them to their car.


Before initiating any investigation, it will be beneficial to conduct a consultation. The consultation will be primarily geared towards gathering information to assist you to develop a plan for your investigative needs. This will be a free discreet and confidential consultation.



Background checks could mean different things for different people. Such as assisting attorneys by conducting criminal searches or obtaining court documents to help strengthen their case. Conducting asset searches for clients or a renter who may be interested in taking on a new tenant. These are some examples of different types of background checks. I will meet with each client and discuss the overall goals of the background check while obtaining detailed information to make your goals a reality.


One of the many duties that a private investigator does is surveillance. Private Investigators conduct surveillance for different reasons and there are different types of surveillance. Most people picture a private investigator sitting in a vehicle with a long-lensed camera, that is not always the case. Some of the types of surveillance are Overt/covert, vehicle/mobile, or stationary/foot surveillance. When I meet with a potential client, I will explain the differences between each one and which one will be fit your investigative needs.


There are many reasons why a private investigator may conduct an interview. But first I will explain what an interview is. An interview is nothing more than gathering facts and information which may be used as evidence. Private investigators can conduct interviews on numerous people, such as; witnesses, suspects, victims, plaintiffs, defendants, or even expert witnesses. These are just some reasons why a private investigator would conduct an interview.




I always suggest to the client to look up Arizona Revised Statutes section 13-2923, the law that governs stalking in the State of Arizona. This statute will give the definition of stalking, explain the punishment and classification as well as explain the penalty for repeat offenses, and arrest or restraining order specifically authorized by the statute. I tell every client, that I am not an attorney, but I don’t want to see them get into trouble because they broke the law. In most cases, clients often get caught up in their emotions, that they never considered that they may be breaking the law in some way. This is often talked about and explained during the initial consultation.


I always suggest to the client to look up Arizona Revised Statutes section 13-1504. Criminal trespass in the first degree; classification

  1. A person commits criminal trespass in the first degree by knowingly:
  2. Entering or remaining unlawfully in or on a residential structure.
  3. Entering or remaining unlawfully in a fenced residential yard.
  4. Entering any residential yard and, without lawful authority, looking into the residential structure thereon in reckless disregard of infringing on the inhabitant’s right of privacy.
  5. Entering unlawfully on real property that is subject to a valid mineral claim or lease with the intent to hold, work, take or explore for minerals on the claim or lease.
  6. Entering or remaining unlawfully on the property of another and burning, defacing, mutilating or otherwise desecrating a religious symbol or other religious property of another without the express permission of the owner of the property.
  7. Entering or remaining unlawfully in or on a critical public service facility.
  8. Criminal trespass in the first degree under subsection A, paragraph 6 of this section is a class 5 felony.  Criminal trespass in the first degree under subsection A, paragraph 1 or 5 of this section is a class 6 felony.  Criminal trespass in the first degree under subsection A, paragraph 2, 3 or 4 of this section is a class 1 misdemeanor.


13-1202. Threatening or intimidating; classification

  1. A person commits threatening or intimidating if the person threatens or intimidates by word or conduct:
  2. To cause physical injury to another person or serious damage to the property of another; or
  3. To cause, or in reckless disregard to causing, serious public inconvenience including, but not limited to, evacuation of a building, place of assembly or transportation facility; or
  4. To cause physical injury to another person or damage to the property of another in order to promote, further or assist in the interests of or to cause, induce or solicit another person to participate in a criminal street gang, a criminal syndicate or a racketeering enterprise.
  5. Threatening or intimidating pursuant to subsection A, paragraph 1 or 2 is a class 1 misdemeanor, except that it is a class 6 felony if:
  6. The offense is committed in retaliation for a victim’s either reporting criminal activity or being involved in an organization, other than a law enforcement agency, that is established for the purpose of reporting or preventing criminal activity.
  7. The person is a criminal street gang member.
  8. Threatening or intimidating pursuant to subsection A, paragraph 3 is a class 3 felony.



Arizona Revised Statues has a lot of information regarding, domestic violence. Here is some information on the justification of domestic violence. According to A.R.S. 13-415. Justification; domestic violence – If there have been past acts of domestic violence as defined in section 13-3601, subsection A against the defendant by the victim, the state of mind of a reasonable person under sections 13-404, 13-405 and 13-406 shall be determined from the perspective of a reasonable person who has been a victim of those past acts of domestic violence.

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Aysia Williams
Aysia Williams
02:33 12 Mar 21
Mr. Sterling provided awesome care and attention to detail regarding my specific need. He was extremely courteous and... empathetic! My request was somewhat time sensitive but his turn around time was prompt. We were in constant communication which brought me comfort. His pricing was more than fair and detailed a wide range of services. The report he drew up for me was thorough and the quality of photos/videos I received was top notch. I would turn to Ty if ever I needed anymore investigative services and suggest you do more
Michelle Emmons
Michelle Emmons
02:59 26 Oct 18
If you are in need of a process server Mr. Sterling is the one to call! He is very thorough and guided me through the... entire process! He does his very best to ensure the documents are served on the first attempt, so everything is very organized and efficient! He also communicated with me from start to finish!! Highly recommended!!read more
Monica Flores
Monica Flores
00:42 10 Aug 18
My experience with Mr. Sterling has been amazing. From the very first encounter we had to explain my personal situation... and why I was needing his services, Mr. Sterling has been nothing but professional & mindful of my needs. He made this stressful situation super fast and easy. He kept me updated on every step until it was complete. I will definitely be using him in the future if more
18:58 15 Jun 18
I would highly recommend Sterling if you need a process server in Laveen. Ty is focused on great customer service and... getting your documents served properly the first time!read more
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